AEG T65170AV Vented Tumble Dryer

  • Drying Type-Condenser
  • 7kg Drying Load
  • C Rated
  • Dimensions (H)85(W)60(D)60
  • Two Years Parts And Labour

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Dry any size of load using a perfectly proportionate amount of energy
This dryer adapts the cycle length to suit the exact size and dampness of each and every load, so you achieve perfect drying results for the minimum amount of energy.
Refresh programme for worn-once, stored and naturally dried items  
Many items of clothing quickly lose their just-laundered feel. Whether you've worn something, stored it away for a while, or dried it naturally, this tumble dryer has a dedicated programme that will give it back its freshness and softness. The programme can even completely refresh woollen items.